Company Profile

China Regenerative Medicine International Limited ("CRMI"), listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 18 July 2001 (Stock Code: 8158.HK), is a high-end new-technology enterprise principally engaged in research and development, production and sales of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine products. The business scope of CRMI ranges among five major sectors, namely tissue engineering, cosmetics, cell storage, preparation and therapy, hospitals administration and overseas business division. Headquartered in Hong Kong, CRMI has seven modernized manufacturing facilities in Xi’an, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin, Changzhou and Hong Kong, and has evolved into a pioneering enterprise in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in China.

Upholding the concept of "Regenerate•Revive", China Regenerative Medicine International Group constantly explores new areas of life sciences, and has undertaken multiple national "863", "973" programs and other major scientific research projects. The company has won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" amongst many others. CRMI’s product, "ActivSkin", is the only tissue engineered skin with living cells in China, which helps consolidate CRMI’s leading position in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in China. "Acornea" is the world's first bio-engineering cornea beginning a new era of corneal transplantation, bringing China into the limelight in the area of regenerative medicine for corneal diseases. CRMI is also setting up the collaboration and development framework for "cellular therapy", one of the other core businesses. By leveraging on CRMI Technology Centre at the University of Oxford, CRMI provides a one-stop comprehensive pipeline for the design, manufacture and marketing services of cellular therapy and associated equipment. With sophisticated technology and know-how on live cell culture, CRMI has launched a series of bioactive cosmetics called "Aimiya" for the anti-aging, beauty and healthcare industry. Furthermore, CRMI partnered with Mila D’Opiz Group in Switzerland to develop and produce the renowned bio-medical skincare brand "Ascara".

CRMI will stay true to her vision in improving human health, satisfying patients’ needs and adopting modern advanced technologies to enhance the quality and vitality of life.